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tv   Headline News  RT  June 7, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up surveillance overload an essay in f.b.i. scandals keep coming out of the shadows beyond just phone tracking we've learned that the internet activity is also a target of spying on us a lot to discuss on this topic just ahead. president obama and chinese president xi jinping embark on a historic meeting at the top of the agenda cyber security and hacking and how it's connected to national security we'll have a preview of that meeting the noida cops in new york and you could soon face jail time and you work state senate has just passed a bill that makes it a felony to harass or annoy officer but what about your first amendment right look at that later on in the show.
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it's friday june seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm margaret held in you're watching r t the obama administration is on the defense after a guardian reporter glenn greenwald published a bombshell story that the national security agency had a court order to collect the phone records of millions of horizon customers over a three month period this shouldn't come as a surprise to our t.v. or us because we've been covering the growth of government surveillance of citizens just in case you missed it here's a refresher it seems that secrecy is actually strengthening the national security state. in order to hide from accountability and oversight. it's more of more than just invasion of privacy it's about destroying the concept of privacy online i say has operated continually under the shroud of non-transparency in secrecy despite a commitment on president obama's first day in office that this is going to be the most transparent administration ever the n.s.a.
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just doesn't think that applies to them in the quest to hunt down terrorists the obama administration has announced plans to give spy agency as full access to people's finances is going to allow for other roshon of our privacy rights of been going on since nine eleven. the mechanisms are already in place for that type of control and monitoring and some say you're overdramatizing all you have to do is look at what's happening i see it getting far worse it's all it's total hypocrisy as far as i'm concerned this court order was only the beginning it seemed became clear that the n.s.a. had been renewing these collection requests every three months for the past seven years and that eighteen thousand spreads are also involved these revelations lead to a skit led to a scathing new york times editorial which said the administration has now lost all credibility which was later edited to say the administration has now lost all credibility on this issue and that was before another story broke that the n.s.a.
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and the federal bureau of investigation are running a program called prism what is it the washington post found that the government has been secretly collecting all kinds of data from nine silicon valley giants including google apple facebook sky and microsoft since two thousand and seven prism collects audio video photos e-mail crowd documents and blogs prism can even see what you're searching for or typing in real time so much for the defense now that the n.s.a. is looking at any content merely collecting data. but this morning obama defended his policies take a listen i. came in with a healthy skepticism bouts these programs my team evaluated them we scrub them thoroughly we actually expanded some of the oversight increased some of the safeguards but my assessment and my team's assessment.
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was that they help us prevent terrorist attacks so is this all excusable in the name of preventing terrorism with me to discuss this i'm joined now by r.t.f. honest in new york and in the house of a colonel morris davis honest avia i want to start with you who is affected by this prism program. while love margaret it's you me and everyone we know in a nutshell because the extent and scope of this program is something that's certainly being described as breathtaking by civil rights groups by outraged american because it entails hundreds of millions of americans and what they do with their phones and online because what we're talking about here is. an a.t.m. t. and sprint providing information about phone calls to the n.s.a. and the f.b.i.
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we know that this information includes things like the location of phone calls being made the phone numbers call the duration of the calls we're hearing that the content has not yet been made available to officials but certainly with the way things are going it won't be surprised if that happens pretty soon and these three companies combined include as many as almost a hundred million subscribers so these numbers are just absolutely insane and when we talk about the prism program that you mentioned the numbers are even larger because we're talking about nine a super popular huge web companies that are used by people all over the world and most certainly there are huge concerns in terms of whether or not it's just americans being tracked through u.s. companies doing things on u.s. soil but also the people they communicate with on foreign lands which certainly seems to be the case because you know americans and people living in the u.s. using the three big telecommunication companies call abroad and those calls are monitored and they also use these big websites to do any sorts of online activity
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and all of that is apparently has been traced over the last period of time ok and associate i want to take this back to you do you think that these tech companies knew what the feds were doing. market could you repeat the question do you think that these tech companies knew what was happening. the tech companies out there was we're basically talking about a super secret court order when it comes to horizon in particular we know that a secret court order was released in april of but before that in two thousand and six this activity began and was prolonged every. terms of the internet companies involved there has been excuse me information released saying that basically maybe they were not even in the know about all of this being gathered but when it comes to the telecommunications giant sprint verizon me and t. they certainly knew that this was going on but there was a court order released basically silencing them to make any comments about this and
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of course now as this scandal these scandals leak out a lot of these companies are certainly making any comments ok colonel davis i want to take it now to you the n.s.a. this is just come out that the data mining of companies the d.o.j. is wiretapping and surveilling reporters it seems why have we seen the worst of it and when does it end we don't really know you know it's unfortunate that we have to depend on leaks in order for the public to be educated on what the government you know is doing with our tax money and in our names but the government has been forthcoming i think what we really need is like a church commission that we had years ago to look at the intelligence community we need to know what all these programs are and what all is the government doing and then the public can make an informed decision but right now it's just you know a leak here and a leak there and we find out more and more and it's it's disturbing here a leak there a leak everywhere a leak leak it sounds like all right have we seen the worst of this yet do you think we don't know i mean i think we all had suspicions about these programs but i
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think the extent that we've learned over the last twenty four hours i think has shocked a lot of people it should be alarming to people that you know the government is saying trust me you know the president today in his remarks said that you know the american people don't trust the executive branch the congress and the courts and we've got a problem we've got a problem because the majority of the american people don't trust the president the congress and the courts if you look at the polling data but they're being you know being told to trust those who are doing the right thing but as we've seen with the i.r.s. problem recently that. the public needs to be skeptical about its government and we've got a right to know what they're doing in our names and we certainly do all right honest as you want to take it back to you i understand that the hacktivist collective and on the most hacked into the n.s.a. last night can you tell me more about that and what information do they have. well love margaret anonymous the online freedom fighting group has certainly gotten ahold of documents about thirteen of them have been released most curiously they
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include things like the u.s. department of defense so-called strategic vision for controlling the internet as well as information on an intelligence sharing network which shared data with partners throughout the world so certainly this is something that's. also reason to to kind of raise eyebrows because of this is all information shared throughout the world lots of questions have been arising in terms of what kind of you know international school this spying has had certainly there are many questions about the involvement of the british government in terms of how much they knew and this is something that we're going to be finding out in the days to come there's certainly a quite a bit of outrage about this we're hearing coming from europe for one for instance germany is saying that you know we need to find out exactly exactly how wide and how far this this reaches ok we're running out of time here want to take it back to you colonel you know we've seen in recent weeks that journalists who procure these leaks they've been listed as coconspirators under the espionage act should the
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department we do we expect them to take action against the guardian now could we see that happening i don't know i'd certainly be concerned about the person that provided the information to glenn greenwald and to the washington post apparently because you know the policy has been not to go after the program but the person that disclosed the program so i think that person is in jeopardy ok all right ana so if you want to take it back to you it started with this guardian report about the n.s.a. collecting darius and customer mehta data is this just small potatoes compared to this prism program. well of margaret you know none of this is really small potatoes because yes we did initially hear about verizon collecting all of this excessive information and what of those certainly the prism program is extremely extensive because it includes not just you know monitoring things that we all again suspected are taking place pipes out of people throughout the world really that use these
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websites and in terms of the horizon and the telecommunications scandal in general and the prison scandal separately this is all just huge huge numbers including enormous amounts of people less so let's hope this is not just the beginning bytes it feels like much more information may be released on these privacy concerns in the time to come very one final question to you colonel we have to we have to leave it there could we see news gathering itself become criminalized if this kind of behavior keeps coming out of this administration. hopefully not but it's hard to say because i mean who would have expected that we'd be having this discussion now if there's one person who's looking back and smiling right now is probably osama bin laden certainly looks like he may have won and got us to turn on ourselves and give up our liberties so it's been a victory for him and a defeat for democracy it certainly seems that way thank you guys that was our to correspondent an associate you're going to in new york and colonel morris davis a professor from howard university school of law here in d.c. . president obama and chinese president xi jinping are embarking on
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a historic meeting this weekend in a remote desert rich raid in southern california the world's number one and number two economy is will be comparing notes but unlike other meetings between these two superpowers it appears that gathering the get this gathering will focus much of its attention on cyber security while our teams are mongol endo has the story. on the edge of california's mojave desert howling winds propel massive wood mills and the scorching sun beats down on the jury is gated communities security is extra tight in the golfers or even of roger mirage where president barack obama and china's president xi jinping will spend two days together president obama and chinese president xi are said to me in this wealthy young klay the economy is a likely topic of discussion for two of the most powerful men in the world but it's the dark side of the cyber world which will likely take center stage during this is story meeting these two men are going to discuss you know hackers like myself and
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others and how they're being used today. seven can car was sentenced to three years probation and was restricted from computers for spraying a warm on my space there's still definitely a hugely underground element to hacking and sort of that that whole scene and there's also just an entirely sort of blowing up element that we hear about in the news and on television you know in movies while he says governments and corporations all over the world are hiring hackers like him to defend against and to launch attacks one of the largest points of contention between the u.s. and china is accusations that the chinese government is sponsoring hackers to exploit american computer systems you know institutions expressed their concern about the growing threat of cyber intrusion some of which appear to be tied to the chinese government in the world or many in washington are urging president obama to press china on the cyber security issue but whether you. as plays victim to cyber
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threats it is also behind some of the most aggressive saber attacks there definitely is a cyber war going on we've seen in the past few years you know with stocks net and viruses like that that are capable that have been state sponsored by us in israel that have been powerful enough to penetrate nuclear reactors that aren't even on the internet obama has proposed and the nearly five billion dollars on cyber defense meantime chinese internet insiders say china has been the target of serious cyber attacks coming from the u.s. what's even more interesting is that there's plenty of hacking going on that we don't hear about and i think that's probably some of the most interesting things what's getting hacked that we haven't heard about at all because they've kept that silent no one has discovered what was leaked camcorder for years the focus on cyber security may lead to reduce freedoms the eyes of the world will be on southern california to see if obama and she will change the course of the world cyber battles in rancho mirage california. our t.v.
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to discuss more on this meeting from our los angeles t.v. i'm joined now by our teams from uncle window ramon hi there let's get right down to right the first meeting between these two leaders send sashing pain became president in march how does this meeting differ from previous state meetings between china and the u.s. . oh margaret this is not your typical state visit like we mentioned they're getting together at the remote sunnylands retreat in the middle of the southern california desert this has been home to many presidential visits and a lot of deals happen here in this remote area but what's especially significant about this u.s. china mean is that in years past bilateral trade and economic issues may have been a top priority it seems like this year it's cyber security and hacking that is taking center stage and this is a something that may not have been talked about during u.s.
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and china diplomatic meetings even five years ago so it's definitely a change in the relation that we're having here between these two superpowers ok all right ramon i know you covered in your own report that the united states has been especially critical of china's hacking was that washington accusing beijing of how the u.s. is militarizing cyberspace what happened sure well the pentagon says that china is trying to modernize its military through the use of cyber espionage in a recent u.s. report pointed towards china as using cyber security to get into sensitive u.s. weapons systems and into the u.s. corporations now china denies a lot of this and they point and many other countries outside of the u.s. point to the fact that it's in fact been the u.s. which has been most aggressive in its cyber attacks as sandy mentioned during our report the stuxnet. virus which damage iranian nuclear
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facilities is one of the most effective and aggressive forms of cyber attacks that we've seen so far it sounds like the chinese have been victims of cyber security threats as well major concern there so how likely is it that cyber security policy is going to change after this weekend's summit any changes coming out. well it's likely because it seems that it's unlikely excuse me because it seems like the u.s. is destined to only increase its investment in cyber security defense proposed defense budget allocates an additional eight hundred million towards cyber security bringing that total to four point seven billion dollars of that of the defense budget and there's still a lot of distrust on both sides while this meeting may may increase on the surface the compatibility between u.s. and china there's still a lot of mistrust from the chinese side given the fact that u.s. has embarked on this so-called asia pivot militarily and on the other side the u.s.
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still very concerned about suppose it attacks coming from china although hackers that i talked to say that many of these attacks could be coming from other countries yeah hackers source them to china it's of very difficult method in tracking this back to state sponsored activism ok we're running on time or money but i want to get to a couple more things really quickly you said that cyber threats could penetrate possibly nuclear you know they could become a nuclear issue i could you explain that to me that's right well the u.s. military has expressed a lot of concern about cyber attacks and has expressed its willingness to attack other countries or other actors if we are attacked through the internet or other technological means and then right now the united states is investing a lot of money in that we've already seen that infrastructure has been damaged in
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iran and from cyber security experts they are looking forward towards the future and really seeing this as a new weapon that not only the u.s. can use but other countries may also use against us in the future remember a story we're going to keep watching this as sure that's all we have time for that was our taser mungle and now. well coming out of new york the state senate passed a bill that creates a new crime aggravated harassment of a police officer the spill makes it a felony to harass annoy or threaten a cop while on duty state senator joe griffin who had this to say about his bill we need to make it very clear that when a police officer is performing his duties every citizen needs to comply and that refusal to comply carries a penalty the slippery slope of defining harassment may lead to major issues concerning police power and how this affects our basic civil rights with me to discuss this now i'm joined by our two story harf
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a nest hi there laurie so they're defining harassment how are they defining or let's just get right to it. i have the ag actual verbiage of the bill here and it states that one is guilty of aggravated harassment of an officer when with the intent to harass annoy threaten or alarm he or she strikes shabbes or otherwise subject such a person to physical contact so basically any physical contact is the definition of annoying ok we were discussing this earlier and with it i wanted to toss the police have had some issues with people recording them their actions photographing them and what does that constitute harassment. now unless you touch the cop in some way shape or form as long as you don't touch that you're ok but any kind of touching whether you know you would brush against them when you're passing them whatever just as long as you don't touch them. accidentally bumping into
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a car may not constitute harassment is that right. yeah that you know it could it could that's the whole thing the point about this it being such a travesty is that it's yet again another example of vague legislation that's written so poorly that you have to question whether the there is just so stupid when they're writing it or they're so smart where they build in these ways to act however they want and that's what's going on here it's vague legislation that you can interpret any way you want it touch a cop in any way shape or form you could be arrested are they planning on and forcing this you know while that has yet to be seen like any piece of a good just place and one never knows exactly how it's going to be enforced but we do know that you could be arrested for a class eat felony under this new bill all right so speaking of enforcement we have a clip we want to play.
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why that might be documented evidently down and out yet it's very different yet i'm going to take it as evidence. of. my camera. what. now i'm just recording. this in my right. to. keep. you here you know right. now tell me who are your hears about them because i don't know the story of the consumer going through she says. quote it reads that mr sellers are. worried in your expert opinion and what we just saw that constitute harassment under this bill. no actually because the person holding the camera didn't reach out and touch the officers you know in my personal opinion whether or not that was harassing or annoying let's not forget
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annoying is part of the that you know neither here nor there but the bottom line is it's all about physical contact and that is where the line is drawn got it you have to touch them ok got it all right i want to talk about this classy felony really quickly if a person is found guilty of the crime of harassing a cop what happens to them i mean what could potentially happen they could face up to four years in prison that's that's refreshing a little a little alarming there so were there any dissenting opinions that you know of in this assembly or was it just all gung ho for this bill well the committee vote was eleven to four on the floor vote was fifty two thirteen so there was some distance but it was a large overwhelming number of eyes ok do we know if any specific issue has sparked could this potentially be related to the occupy movement or activists protest possibly i think it's related to the video that you just showed i think that
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there's such a heightened state of animosity between citizens and the police force these days because of occupy because of the florists ration of cameras and people you know being so in involved in how the cops are performing these days that there's just this heightened state of annoying between people and cops in general. sorry to cut you off we have to leave it there thank you that was our two story our finest well that's the trouble to say. nuclear plants along with the southern california coast is closing for good the company that owns the plant said that in a surprise statement this morning that they would retire the twin reactors because of uncertainty. well there's been a sixteen month battle to close the facility located between l.a. and san diego the radiation leak in january of two thousand and twelve forced a shutdown and since then critics have been fighting to close the facility for good
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well salmon freya could the power about one point four million homes and california officials have said that it would be able to make it through the summer without the plant being warned that wildfires or any other disruption could cause power shortages. the plan it's been in operation for forty years in southern california edison says that it would spend about five hundred million dollars over the next two years to close the facility under the supervision of the nuclear regulatory commission. well the court in bexar county texas has acquitted a man who killed an asse court who wouldn't have sex with his lawyers argue that it was legitimate under the texas state law because she wouldn't refund his money if he killed gilbert admitted that on christmas eve back in two thousand and nine he shot lenore afraid go at twenty three year old escort he met for credits list now he claims that she came into his house for an amount of time that he paid it t.
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paid her one hundred fifty dollars but she left without having the sex that he had suspected well according to the testimony she got in her car she gave the money to the driver with gilbert's lawyer what gilbert's lawyer is characterized as an accomplice in the scam and he shot into the car hitting her in the back of the neck will get this texas law allows the use of deadly force to recover property during a night time theft and gilbert's lawyer successfully argue that when she refused to have sex and didn't give him a refund she was stealing his money prosecutors try to contend that the law concerning faffed can only be applied to law abiding citizens and that the man insisting his escort provide sex just doesn't fall in that category detective also testified that in gilbert's initial interview he never mentioned the fact of the jury however believe gilbert's claim that he never intended to kill frey go and in fact she did remain alive that paralyzed after the shooting she died from
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complications arising from paralysis seven months later and now gilbert is a free man. the school in washington state has suspended several students for bringing guns to school sounds like a fair pun. that right except the weapons were toys nerf guns and the students received permission from their teacher first the students from chase lake elementary school in adman's washington claim their teacher said that they could use the guns for an assignment about probability which involved shooting foam darts one hundred times and recording the result well kids being kids the students were caught playing with the guns before class school administrators say that the students actions violated the school zero tolerance policy against guns parents of suspended children questioned how the students could be punished when the school staff and the teacher didn't even know the rules as a result of the suspension the students will never be able to take
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a high school algebra class or serve on student council and the suspension will may or may not go on their permanent record no word yet on what has happened the teacher who originally gave the consent that's going to do it for a male stay tune prime interest is next. technology innovation all the developments around. the future severed. she was looking for love and she found marriage she wanted children a mil she has eleven. but it has been and seven adopted children are h.i.v. positive for this little room on the list made in the maternity home i had
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a disease so she gave me hope. i made sure to be positive for sure so nobody wanted to make friends with me chased me spam and threw stones. my name is still below my dream was to have power and mom mom and dad. i know many people are ready to take kids like this. they found a new kind of medicine they call it slow. learning a little bit you can please don't follow my example you know it can be dangerous for your health.
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that afternoon walk in the prime interest i'm perry and boring in washington d.c. it's a day's headlines. now despite what you've heard elsewhere at the big employment situation report released earlier this morning was simply a mixed bag of the number of payrolls or jobs added beat expectations coming in at one hundred seventy five thousand but the bureau of labor statistics also reported that the unemployment rate ticked back up to seven point six percent from seven point five and ask them. the fed has tied to its quantitative easing policy they're looking for it to drop to six point five percent before they stop the bond buying program and they may slow down or taper purchases as the unemployment rate drops for now it doesn't look like the fed has any reason to take its foot off the.


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